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"My mission is to coach parents and provide them with methods to discipline their children with love. To encourage children and adolescents to be the best that God created them to be. Most importantly, to treat others in the manner they would like to be treated. My goal is to support, uplift, and inspire others."

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As an independent consultant, I will provide developmental assessments and educate parents on methods to enhance their child’s behavioral development.



Fitness Training

I believe in Whole Foods!!   They are natural foods that have not been tainted and do not include synthetic or isolated vitamins that have been added by factories. Whole Foods do not comprise of the ...

Building Blocks Kids

Building Blocks Kids  are a group of children that I work with. I offer the children many services such as Before and After school, Track-out Camp, Kids Fitness and Nutrition, Tutoring,  Workshops, Behavior ...


Training’s and Workshops         Parent Training and Workshops There will be a series of training’s and workshops on how to discipline your children with love. Parents ...

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